Catering to the world

The International provides you with three healthy main meals a day in addition to three refreshment breaks, so you won't go hungry. 

Food, Glorious Food

Even though you'll be away from home for the best part of a year, we'll make sure that you'll be provided with wholesome and varied food throughout the day. 

Our kitchen provides well-balanced, healthy and nutritious meals inspired by the famous Nordic kitchen, as well as cuisines from around the world. There is something for every taste.

The International can cater for most dietary requirements including gluten allergies and vegetarians. However, we are currently unable to cater for vegans due to the large amount of dairy products used in our food preparation.

The International also respects religious dietary requirements and will try to provide suitable alternatives where necessary.

Please inform us of any special dietary requirements in advance of the school year or upon registration using the comments box provided on the registration form.

Please note that all meals and refreshments, including those on trips, are included in the tuition fee.

Communal dining

As an efterskole we promote a strong sense of community and our meal times are an integral part of achieving this goal. Therefore, our main meals are served in our dining hall where students sit together with staff to enjoy their food in a relaxed and friendly environment where active conversation is encouraged. 

Kitchen experience

As part of your stay at The International you will receive personal training in food preparation and hygiene in our kitchen as part of a weeklong home economics course.

This course will help you gain an appreciation for what goes in to preparing food for over 200 people and what happens behind the scenes in an industrial kitchen.

You’ll also help with food preparation and cleaning at the weekends.