New students

Are you our new student?

Are you one of the lucky ones? Do you have the opportunity to spend a year or more at a fantastic boarding school like The International? With us you have the unique opportunity to combine academic studies while pursuing your personal interests within sports and arts.

The International will be your home away from home

We will make sure you will feel at home and well taken care of. You will make new friends and experience how much fun it is to be surrounded by friends 24/7.

You will experience that we prioritize a warm, friendly, caring atmosphere where differences are respected and appreciated. As we do of all students, we also expect you will contribute by being a positive and supporting member of the group.

Our staff take the time to care, laugh and listen in our safe environment, because they will be much more than just your teachers, leaders, kitchen staff, counselors and groundskeepers throughout the year. We are all here to guide and help you. There are limited number of spaces in order to secure student welfare and personal attention.

Are you ready?

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