Intercultural Competence

Intercultural competence

We live in a global world that keeps getting smaller. Globalisation is no longer a choice – it is a fact. International relations and global understanding will give you an advantage in today’s competitive global marketplace. For future generations, the world is your playground. Are you ready?

The International – Academy and Boarding School is an efterskole, where you will work towards understanding life in a global context. We give you the necessary tools and skills to navigate in a diverse and ever-changing world. Our international outlook serves as the ideal starting point for your international studies or a global career.

The International Dimension

The international dimension at the school aims to help you understand the world and yourself in an international context. You’ll meet your world scholastically, linguistically, personally and socially. You will become a competent citizen of the world by immersing yourself in an international learning environment with Danish and overseas students. Through participation in cultural debates, you will develop your cultural awareness and ability to empathise with others.

The International promotes intercultural understanding to give you the competence and ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with people from other cultures. Therefore, all students must follow our Cambridge IGCSE subject Global Perspectives and participate in storytelling sessions, workshops and projects throughout the year to develop intercultural competence and awareness. 

Shared values, diversity and citizenship are key principles at The International. Through international cooperation, development and understanding, you will gain the competence to appreciate, value and respect other cultures beyond gender, class, race and nationality.

Cultural exchange and understanding

Cultural exchanges, foreign students and guest teachers, as well as international staff members and, of course, content, are just a few examples of the elements at The International that will contribute to creating this authentic international learning environment on which you can build your international understanding. 

On our trips, you will encounter different international environments, where your own cultural norms will be challenged, and you will be able to interact with other cultures, experience the world and build your global network.

The International is not just another international efterskole; it is an international experience.