At The International, we share two large sports halls with Vedersø Idrætsefterskole. These sports halls are at your disposal throughout your stay for a range of physical activities. 

  • Volleyball Volleyball
  • Indoor hockey Indoor hockey
  • Gymnastics Gymnastics
  • Floor gymnastics Floor gymnastics


Our two sports halls offer space for you to play the sports you want, when you want.

Our larger sports hall has enough room for you to participate in a number of indoor sporting activities such as futsal, indoor football, badminton, volleyball, handball, hockey and much much more. Students have free access to our equipment room, so you have help yourself to the games that you want to play. Just put them back when you're finished. 

Our smaller gymnastics hall offers plenty of room for rhythmical and floor gymnastics as well as doubling up as a dance studio. Students also have access to a range of classic gymnastic equipment such as mats, beams and pommel horses. 

Both halls offer a PA sound system so you can listen to music whilst enjoying your favourite physical activity. 

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