The grass is definitely greener here in Vedersø! We have three well-groomed soccer pitches - including the best artificial turf facility in all of Western Jutland from the summer of 2020 - ready for you to play at home in the best Danish school league. 

Home advantage

Soccer is an important part of our profile and as such we want to ensure the best possible playing conditions. Our three soccer pitches are immaculately maintained to provide you with the best playing field and that all important home advantage when playing against the best. At The International a bad playing surface will be no excuse for you not developing your soccer skills. The grass is in top form - are you? 

"With pitches like these, we can just focus on nurturing our talents and not worrying about holes in the ground!"
Kasper T, Denmark 17/18


The International and soccer

The benefit of three pitches is that we can offer a range of training options in each session and are able to invite teams to compete on our home turf.

In the winter, we train indoors and on the artificial turf in Ringkøbing or Spjald.

Our football elective is open to all regardless of gender, talent or ambition.

Read more about our soccer elective here. 

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