You'll live with new friends whilst at The International, sharing a twin-room and shared ensuite bathroom facilities with up to three other people. 

Each room has its own ensuite bathroom and toilet along with plenty of cupboard and shelf space, a desk for studying and very own safe for your valuables. All our rooms are modern, newly renovated and in excellent condition. 

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Living together

Living together with your friends is one of the best parts of efterskole life, but it can also be one of the most challenging parts, too. 

The school has some basic expectations and procedures to help ensure the best the living conditions possible:

Each room has their own corridor teacher, who is available to help deal with conflicts within the rooms and on your corridor should you have any. Regular activities with your roomies and corridor will also help build solid relationships on your floor. 

We ensure that students live with different people from different backgrounds, therefore Danish students should expect to live with international students and vice-versa. We also try to mix students from different areas within Denmark too to give everyone a new experience. 

We also allocate new rooms at least once during the year to give students to chance to live with new people and try something different. Students do not get to choose who they live with. 


As part of the efterskole experience, and to develop a sense of responsibility, students are expected to clean and tidy their own room and bathroom on a daily basis. 

Each corridor is responsible for their own cleaning and recycling and share a small kitchen with their own fridge-freezer and kettle. 

Each building has its own free-to-use washing machine and dryer. We also provide a purpose-built outdoor drying area for your clothes to ensure a good indoor environment for you and your roomies. It saves space too!  

Gender segregated rooms

Boys and girls live separately.

With respect for the many different cultures at our efterskole, and to ensure privacy as well as to encourage social interaction in our common areas, members of the opposite sex are only allowed to visit each other's rooms during designated times. 


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