One of the advantages of our rural setting is our beautiful natural surroundings which are there for you to enjoy. 

Natural splendor 

The whole school is built with nature in mind and there is nothing better than relaxing outdoors on a sunny day in Vedersø. 

What often impresses our students and guests alike is the space and light that we have here, as well as the greeness of our surrounding areas. If you are lucky enough, you might even get to experience a deer walk past one of buildings, or to see the infamous "Sort sol" (Black Sun) in the late summer months where thousands of birds fly past in waves to settle at dusk "blocking out the sun" as they do so. 

There are plenty of green areas at the school for you to enjoy and we provide a number of seating areas for you to relax in this natural beauty. 

Outdoor activities 

There are also a range of options for outdoor activities. We have a fire pit for campfires as well as shelters for sleeping outdoors. This is on top of our outdoor sports pitches and volleyball courts. We also have an outdoor basketball hoop for you to play outside along with a selection of outdoor games such as flag football, kubb and many others. 

Walking and cycling is encouraged here. With the beach, a swimming lake and a number of small fjords nearby, you can really experience the great outdoors here in Vedersø. 

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