International Careers

Your stepping stone to an international career

There is no doubt that the future job market will require strong linguistic skills and intercultural competence. Companies are already becoming more and more internationally orientated and are constantly on the lookout for students with international experience and proven ability to navigate in an international environment. A year or two at The International-Academy and Boarding School will give you these skills and the experience you need to compete and thrive in a competitive global economy and will undoubtedly benefit your international career for years to come.

Preparing you for an international workplace

English is already the working language in many parts of the world today. Therefore, The International offers you an innovative academically focused Efterskole, where everything takes place in English. By immersing yourself daily in English, you will not only gain a vital knowledge of the language, you will also get a feel for how international workplaces function and become better prepared to meet this challenge in the future.

International Communication

The ability to interact and communicate effectively and appropriately with others is a necessary skill that employers look for in job applicants today. Not only do international companies require people who can speak and understand English fluently, they also want employees with a variety of linguistic skills and international experiences. In fact, most international companies will demand another language in addition to English and one’s mother tongue. Therefore, all students must choose between French, German or Spanish as a Second Foreign Language at The International. This will help develop language and communication skills and prepare you for the global challenges of tomorrow by giving you a distinct advantage over other candidates without similar experience.

International Cooperation

In addition to language skills and international competence, international businesses look for enterprising, flexible individuals, who are able to operate and succeed in challenging foreign environments. Throughout the year, you will be challenged and stimulated in an international learning environment and you will meet and interact with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds both in Denmark and abroad in order to prepare you for your international career wherever in the world that might be.