IB and beyond

Continuing your international education

Thinking about an IB in Denmark or abroad? Maybe you are considering AS/A-Levels or other international studies? The International is perfect preparation for these courses, whatever course you choose. 

Your international education starts here

At The International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark you can kick-start your international education. Equipped with your five IGCSE subjects and exam certificate you will be well prepared for the Pre-IB year here in Denmark or abroad.

Alternatively, you could apply directly for entry into the IB-Diploma’s two-year course (International Baccalaureate). Normal requirement for direct entry to the IB-Diploma course dictates that you achieve a C grade average from your 5 IGCSE subjects, and attend an interview at your chosen IB Gymnasium. However, the application process varies from school to school and country to country, so please contact the relevant institution for further information. Whilst The International cannot guarantee enrollment to your chosen IB course, we will prepare you for the challenges that come with an international education. 

Please note that The International only offers up to IGCSE level and does not offer the Pre-IB or IB courses at present. 

What is IB? – click here (external)

Qualified international choices

There is no obligation to continue your studies at an English-speaking school, IB or otherwise, should you wish to pursue other studies. However, a year at The International will provide you with solid foundations for continuing your education and studies in English, be it here in Denmark or abroad. Our teachers will be able to help you make qualified choices regarding your higher and further education needs as appropriate. 

In order to help you make a more qualified decision, we have partnerships with IB Struer, IB Viborg and IB Ikast-Brande, who will visit us during the course of the year to give you more information about the options available to you. Furthermore, all students will have the opportunity to experience one of our  IB partner institutions during the school year.