English-speaking Efterskole

100% English-speaking learning environment

The International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark promotes a 100% English-speaking learning environment and welcomes both Danish and international students ensuring a vibrant study climate where the meeting of cultures is a natural part of daily life.

Denmark's first 100% English-speaking Efterskole

At The International, through our forward-thinking and innovative approach, we are setting the bar within the international efterskole domain, as Denmark's first 100% English speaking efterskole.   

Our goal is to educate young people to prepare them for their future in the global workplace, where a high level of technical and linguistic skills will be paramount, by developing their intercultural and international competencies. 

Everything takes place in English

The international appeal of the school and the diversity of our students means that our working language is English. All information, lectures and daily tasks will be conducted in English.

Conversations will be conducted in English in public areas to ensure inclusion and maintain a positive atmosphere for all students. From the moment you enter the school, you will encounter teachers and students communicating in English.

Furthermore, you will benefit linguistically and culturally from our European and overseas volunteers, who enhance the international dimension both inside and outside of the classroom.

Improve your English skills 

We do not require any particular examination in or level of English prior to enrolment but students must be aware that all lessons are conducted in English at a high level, and students must be able to converse in English on a daily basis. However, a year at The International is, without a doubt, a fantastic opportunity to enhance your English skills.

You will also receive professional English tuition from native speakers as part of your IGCSE studies. Here you can choose between:

Interview with Holly from Australia

Interview with Holly from Australia who reflects on her stay at a Danish boarding school.

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