Support and advice

Supporting you every step of the way

Your well-being and happiness are important factors in your efterskole life. We strive to ensure the best conditions for you to thrive as a student at The International and therefore we support your development by assigning you different staff members in a variety of supporting roles. 

Mentor groups 

Your mentor group, also known as your contact group, will serve as a social support network during your time at the school. Throughout the year there will be a number of social activities with your mentor group to help build relationships, cooperation and trust within the group.

Each group has an assigned mentor for the whole year, who will be your main tutor at The International. Your mentor is there to support your personal development and give you tools and guidance throughout the year. Your mentor will also be your family's primary point of contact at the school should any issues arise. 

Corridor Teachers

In addition to your mentor, you will have a corridor teacher, who will help with any challenges that you might face within your room or own your corridor. They will help you establish boundaries and help solve conflicts to ensure a positive living environment. They will also ensure that you keep your room clean and tidy. 

Additionally, you will have a weekly module with either your mentor or corridor teacher to work both individually and collectively on all aspects of your personal development. 

Student Counsellors and the welfare team

To support you even further we have a welfare team with two student counsellors who are there to give extra guidance to students and teachers alike in order to ensure your personal well-being. 

Careers' Advice

The International provides career advice for all students with regards to further studies and will help you with the relevant applications and paperwork for your future. Furthermore, you might participate in a short placement at a local IB school to experience what these schools can offer you.