Storytelling, song and assembly

News, song and discussions

At The International you will be encouraged to participate actively in assembly, lectures, discussions and debates throughout the day.

In keeping with the Grundtvig/Kold tradition we start each day with a morning assembly where storytelling, singing and music are an integral part of the format.

World events and current affairs

You will then have the opportunity to follow and keep up with world events by watching the news at from different news networks such as CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera, where we discuss local and international current affairs.

We round off the day with an evening song and assembly where teachers will offer stories or brief lectures that can include anything from history or literature to fairytales, myths and legends. 


We also have a weekly music session where we dedicate time to singing and learning about songs from around the world, as well as learning some basics about music and rhythm. 

The International also has its own school song that students will learn and sing on a regular basis.