At The International we like healthy competition and so run a house competition throughout the year where students compete against each other in a number of different tasks and challenges. Who will win the coveted House Shield this year?  

  • House Armstrong House Armstong competing in VidaRace

Who will win? 

When you join The International, you will become a member of one of our four Houses. These Houses have traditions going right back to the birth of our school. Even today former students show their house colours with pride and closely follow their house's performance in the yearly competitions. 

The logos that the students proudly wear and the mottos that motivate each house were designed by our very first group of students. However, each year students come up with new banners, chants, dances and traditions for each house. 

Students with family members, who have previously attended the school, automatically enter the same house to keep up family traditions. 

All of our houses are named after explorers and pioneers in their respective fields, who students learn about during the first weeks of term: 

  • AMUNDSEN - Polar explorer
  • ARMSTRONG - Space
  • COUSTEAU - The Ocean
  • HILLARY - Mountains

There are two main prizes up for grabs each year: The House Shield and The Sports Day Cup.

The House Shield is for the best overall House throughout the years competitions and the Sports Day Cup is simply for the winner of our Sports Day Event. 

Students compete throughout the year, gaining points for various activities, events and challenges with the winner of the House Shield being revealed at Graduation. 

See our previous winners below...

House Shield Winners

  • 2016-17: House Hillary
  • 2017-18: House Amundsen
  • 2018-19: House Amundsen
  • 2019-20: House Amundsen
  • 2020-21 House Armstrong

Sports Day Cup Winners:

  • 2016-17: House Armstrong
  • 2017-18: House Cousteau
  • 2018-19: House Hillary
  • 2019-20: House Armstrong
  • 2020-21 House ?


  • House Cousteau House Cousteau
  • House Hillary House Hillary
  • House Armstrong House Armstrong
  • House Amundsen House Amundsen
  • House Shield House Shield