An important part of the efterskole life is social interaction and your social life together with your friends. Therefore, the weekends, your free time and evenings are an essential parts of your efterskole year and The International provides a range of opportunities and activities for you to interact and socialise with other students .  

Evenings and Free time 

After our evening meal, the evenings are your free time to relax and be with your friends. Our teachers will come up with ideas and inspiration for activities to keep you occupied along with the Student Council. There will occasionally be planned activities for everyone to take part in, but for the most part, you are free to do as you desire. 

Wanting to relax? 

Just in our main common room alone we have a number of board games, a PlayStation, a small library of books, a pool table, a table football table, TV and musical instruments for you to enjoy. You can also just relax and have a hot drink on one of our comfy sofas. 

Feeling more active?

You can hit the gym, jam in the music room, go for a walk or run. Play any number of ball sports in our sports halls or outside. The possibilities are limitless. 

Enjoy your room

You are also free to just chill in your room with friends or catch up on your homework or even a nap, the choice is yours. 

We round off the evening together with refreshments and an evening assembly for all, so we can say a proper goodnight to each other. 


At the weekends you will take part in a range of activities with international flavour and have fun with the other students.

The programme for the weekend is less formal than during the week and will be full of fun activities. You will have plenty of opportunities to interact with the other students and get to know them as well as find time for yourself and to relax.

There will always be some activities that all students must participate in along with a number of set tasks that all students are required to fulfil such as cleaning and helping in the kitchen.

We try to go on at least one longer outing a month so our students can experience more of what Denmark has to offer. 

Should you wish to go home at the weekend this is also possible.

  • Fun outdoors Have fun outdoors
  • Relax Relax with your friends
  • Shoot some pool Shoot some pool
  • Enjoy the tumbling centre Enjoy the tumbling centre