The International is both an Academy and Boarding School, but most importantly it is your home. Not only do you study, eat, sleep and socialise at the school with your friends around you, but you will also have days packed with a variety of extra-curricular activities, free-choice subjects and exciting challenges all conducted in English.

Sense of community 

The International – Academy and Boarding School focuses on strengthening students’ sense of community and taking responsibility for themselves and their peers within a small society.  The foundations of the community at the school are built upon openness, friendliness, tolerance and shared responsibility. Participation in this unique community aims to build relationships and create greater awareness and understanding of others, especially in a global context. 

Personal Responsibilty

As a student that The International you will be treated and respected as a young responsible adult with the ultimate task of taking responsibility for your own education and learning. You will be met with respect, openness and a positive attitude and therefore you must treat others in the same way.

Social Responsbility

The International encourages your active participation in all aspects of daily life and to take responsibility for your learning environment. Furthermore, it is important that you treat your surroundings with care and consideration.

There will be numerous tasks throughout the day that you will be responsible for such as cleaning and kitchen duty.

Our Student Council promotes democratic values and organises a number of activities for students throughout the year.