Efterskole life

More than a school

The International is more than just a boarding school, we are an efterskole. We ensure that your education is more than just academic. 

Life at The International

Efterskole is a lifestyle, The International will be your life for a year or two. It will be a place where you will learn, but also enjoy yourself and have fun. It is a place where you will be part of a community and treated with respect. 

To make our little society function, and to help you grow as a person, we have a number of different initiatives that will ensure your personal development and lifelong learning. 

A sample of what The International offers you the following as part of your day-to-day efterskole experience: 

  • Support and advice - in the form of a welfare team, personal mentor and corridor teacher.
  • The House System - a friendly competition between our students throughout the year
  • Kitchen duty - learn about food preparation and food hygiene
  • Cleaning - take responsbility for your surroundings and your home
  • Storytelling- learn about life from others
  • Song and assembly - by singing and being together we strengthen our togetherness
  • Free time - there is plenty of time to be with your friends and engage in fun activities
  • Student Council - have your say about your school year and represent your classmates 
  • Cooperation with Vedersø Idrætsefterskole - meet new people develop new friendships 
  • VidaRace - the ultimate physical challenge - our very own adventure race


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