Physical education

Sport and exercise

We encourage a healthy lifestyle at The International and are fortunate enough to share state of the art sports facilities with Vedersø Idrætsefterkole and as such can provide a whole range of physical activities including a modern fitness centre, numerous ball sports and gymnastics.

Sport and leisure

The International offers a wide variety of physical extra-curricular activities both as electives and as part of the weekly timetable. All students will take part in a weekly physical activity where they will get the opportunity to try a number of different sports and play active games whilst bonding as a group. 

In the evenings students are free to use all facilities including the tumbling centre and fitness suite at Vedersø Idrætsefterskole. We have also have equipment for ball sports such as soccer, volleyball, handball, lacrosse, cricket, rugby, flag football, basketball and badminton. 

Other sport and outdoor activities include:

  • Cycling, Indoor Biking and Mountain Bike (own bicycle needs to be brought)
  • Outdoor/adventure race
  • Running, Cross-Country, and Orienteering

Not to mention a whole range of sporting competitions and activities throughout the year such as VidarRace, House Cup and Sports Day. 

Fitness suite

In the school’s Fitness Suite you can train to keep yourself in shape. The gym is always available for use by students. Teachers are always on hand to give you the necessary help and guidance with regards to training programmes and the equipment, so give it a go and get in shape.