If you are one of our many international students, who doesn't already speak Danish, but would like to take on the challenge of learning this language, then it is possible at The International. 

Choose between:


Danish as a Foreign Language:

The International offers an elective subject in Danish as a Second Language for overseas students.This is a beginners' class, where you will learn to speak and write Danish. This class is offered as an extracurricular activity. You will spend approx. 2 hours/week learning Danish. Besides this, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice your Danish skills, being in Denmark.

Danish as a First Language:

Here you can choose to maintain your Danish language skills in our extra Danish Language Class. Students can choose a double module in Danish based on the Danish 9th Grade curriculum to keep up their knowledge of Danish with regards to their future studies and even take the Danish FP9 examination in the summer.  

Please note that there is currently no IGCSE available for Danish.