For good body tone, extra strength, physical endurance, inner peace and relaxation. Learn to switch off  the stress of everyday life and improve your breathing for a longer and healthier life.

Our Yoga elective is inspired by the 5000-year-old yoga workout scheme for mind, body and soul. The training course will be a mix of Asana (yoga exercises), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and little yoga inspired games. Every class end with a relaxation exercise where you find peace and center yourself from the comfort of your yoga mat.

The elective will make your body more supple and improve your flexibility and strength. Exercises can be adjusted to your level, so you can join even if you’ve never done yoga before.

Join our yoga elective if you want to help yourself to achieve strength, balance and flexibility – not just in your body – but your mind as well. The class will help you gain more energy and center you in your everyday life.