Try out our volleyball elective. It's fun, technically challenging and all about teamwork.

Volleyball is a great and fun ball game centered around teamwork.

Through lots of fun – and sometimes demanding – exercises we will teach you different skills and systems that will make you and your teammates better players. Serves, pass, attack, block, formations – you name it, we teach it.

You will soon see that the more of the technical stuff you understand and can do, the more game time and fun for all.

A core element in our training will be that team spirit, teamwork and a competitive mindset can work well together if fair play is at the center of it all. And we demand fair play from all out students.

We compete against other schools and play in the efterskole tournament, so you won’t only learn with your teammates, you will get to work together with them to try and beat other teams.

Pssst… Did we mention… we have TWO beach volleyball courts for some summer time fun and games.