Media and Journalism

Awesome pictures, amazing video-production and cool stories

Media and Journalism

Is there a future film-instructor, TV-host, photographer, copy-writer or journalist waiting for an opportunity to show what they can do?

The Media and Journalism Course is where you can realize your talent. On this course you can learn about and work creatively with communication and digital media. Many of the skills you develop here are also applicable to your general studies at The International and in future endeavors.

Creativity and theory combined

You will create tons of videos and take lots of pictures, write until your fingers cramp up, chase down stories, ask critical questions, post eye-opening information to leave your audience breathless. In order to do this, our professional instructors will teach you the techniques and knowledge needed within the different disciplines.

Many of the assignments will be projects and your input matters here. You will also learn about production and planning.

Marketing and Communication

You will have the chance to work with marketing and communication learning not only how to brand a product but also yourself. Skills will include copy-writing, social-media campaigns, salesmanship, PR and advertising.