• Film Art Elective The International "Bangkok ... Bananas!! Cine Bananas" by wise_kwai is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Film Art

Are you a film nerd? Or maybe just a fan of film, who would like to learn more? Then this elective is for you.

Film Art is about developing a deeper understanding of visual story telling. During classes you will be watching movies from different genres and analyzing plots, characters and storylines. Through the different movies you will explore different cultures, genres and cinematic history as well as gaining a better understanding for the more technical aspects such as camera angles – we will also be doing short projects to develop some practical skill.

Class is not only limited movies. Music videos, trailers, TV-series - any form of visual storytelling can be included. Anything related to movies such as posters, soundtracks, trailers etc. will be topics for discussion. 

You will also learn about Danish cinema industry, whereby you will get to know the country’s culture and cinema traditions better through movies.