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Esports and event management at The International

STARTING AUGUST 2022 - Limited places!
Do you want to rule in the world of esports? Try to imagine being one of the actors behind Copenhagen Games or one of the big esports teams. 

The International offers a great opportunity to ambitious young people who want to do more than "just" play. In a few short years, there will be a lack of qualified young people who understand the world of esports and how to manage, arrange and execute the many esports events - big and small - in Denmark as well as internationally.

Event & Sport Management - Focusing on esport

Esport in schools has been a growing phenomenon in Denmark for the past two years, and we are now one of the leading countries in terms of having Esports as a part of traditional schools.

Starting in the summer of 2021, The International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark will offer an exciting Esport elective focusing not just on the sport but on the industry and event management behind it.

This way students have the opportunity to focus on some of the different areas of opportunity that the industry offers - other than just the gameplay. There will, of course, still be time for the gaming part of Esports - and initially, the focus will be on Counter-Strike. The classes will help you develop as an individual as well as a team. You will be able to participate in:

  • Counter-Strike classes
  • Online tournaments
  • Events throughout the year
A perfect fit: Esport and EnglishWe are thrilled to be able to run this new initiative in collaboration with The International. It s simply a perfect fit as the international setting with classes and everyday life in English fits really well with esport as English is an extremely important tool when working with esports on a bigger scale.
Zahid Butt, organizer of Copenhagen Games

Unique profile subject focusing on esport and event management

Apart from the actual gameplay, we furthermore focus on other aspects of the esport industry. In collaboration with other experienced and established actors we will provide an educational experience for the students. 

Focus areas:

  • Knowing the industry
  • Sports economy
  • SoMe
  • Content
  • Marketing
  • Partnerships

In the field of Event Management, we will focus on:

  • Planning/running tournaments
  • Casting
  • Streaming
  • Project Management

With a combination of exciting topics and areas such as Social Media, branding and innovation within the field of esport you will start your own fictional business. We will work towards understanding how to use SoMe platforms such as  Snapchat, Instagram og Facebook, communication via websites, developing ideas and storytelling. You will learn to analyse, discover trends and create a strategy for your business' communication.

We will also be working with both gameplay and physical exercise in relation to esport. Last but not least, you will get experience in planning and executing events. 

On top of the day to day classes, we will have guest teachers throughout the year. Some of the most prominent actors within esports will be stopping by for workshops, events etc.

Esports is ahead of the gameEsports has developed vastly and fast, and it will continue to do so in the coming years. That is why we need more people, who understand the complicated puzzle it is to prepare, set up and execute esports events of every kind and scale.
Zahid Butt, organizer of Copenhagen Games


In collaboration with

Esport Service is Denmark’s biggest actor when it comes to teaching esports, developing talent and arranging events. They have entered into a collaboration with The International – Academy and Boarding School of Denmark. The project is aimed at educating young people to be the players behind the scenes of tomorrow’s international esports events.  

Zahid Butt has since the beginning been a big part of the event planning and execution of esports events in Denmark. Today he is the main figure behind Denmark’s biggest esports event Copenhagen Games.

Unique and innovativeEsport Service is looking very much forward to the new project at The International. It’s innovative and much needed. I believe many within the field of esports has sorely missed a more wide-ranging offer that not only includes the opportunity to improve at esports but also encompasses the wider field and the industry behind which makes it all possible.
Simon Reffsøe, Director at Esport Service



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