If you have a passion for dance, join this course and let us help you develop your dancing skills. You will meet many different genres of dance and improve your skills through dancing with us.

Facilities, sound and professional instructors

The International has the top modern dance and training facilities (mirrors, lighting, tumbling /mats), music equipment and space needed. We have two large gyms/dance studios, one professional tumbling gym and a new fitness/stretching room. All of our instructors are specially trained within the various dance styles. They will help you define your personal goals and help develop you, to be the best dancer you can be.

Personal style, preference and development

Immerse yourself in dance and pursue your personal interest, develop your personal style and perform your personal best. You may prefer Break/Street, Hip-hop, Pop/Lock and House or perhaps Latin/Salsa, Dancehall, Showdance, Modern or Danish Folkdance. At the International - Academy and Boarding School of Denmark you will have the opportunity to participate in all of it – and specialise in some of it.

You can expect to spend time doing master-classes, individual/group practices and physical training, workshops, shows and competitions.

Dance videos

As part of our dance course, our dance crews produce small promotional videos to highlight their talents. See one of  these videos below. 

For more dance videos visit our dedicated YouTube Channel


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