CREA is an inspiring exploration of the creative art

Sometimes you just need to relax and let your creativity loose.

We might have a lot of sport electives and activities, but we also love and try to nurture our creative minds. It’s always great to see drawings decorating the rooms or little homemade gifts – and we want our students to have a free space to do this. Which is why we have the elective CREA.

In Crea students can play around with painting, sewing, drawing, recycle design, knitting and much more. We always want to hear you inspiring ideas on what to do next, and we try to challenge you to try and learn something new – at least once in a while.

We will help you develop your practical skills within the creative arts, and help you be better at picking your materials, colours etc.

So, if you have some creative energy, put it to good use and join us in our little CREAtive workspace.