Power  &  agility

Do you like having usable strength, prevent future injuries and look and feel powerful?Then bodyweight training is the elective for you!

You will learn how to use your own body to build defined, strong muscles, increase your core strength in order to prevent future back injuries, and you will learn how to perform technically challenging exercises, which will look good and make you look good.

If you are already a football player, gymnast or similar, the bodyweight training course will be highly beneficial in making you more agile and powerful, improving your overall performance as an athlete.

Key ways Bodyweight Training improves you physically and mentally:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Higher IQ
  • Functional strength
  • Steady energy levels
  • Increased bone density
  • Balance & coordination
  • Ability to deal with stress
  • Reduced risk of cancer

This elective is open to both boys and girls, so sign up now – we have a limited number of places available.