Badminton at The International is a profile subject at the highest level but with room for everyone! We have great coaches with years of experience who will challenge and develop you regardless of your level.At The International we have great facilities for Badminton with two sports halls and nine badminton courts. We always have a lot of students who play badminton ranging from absolute beginners to experienced players at a high level so you will always find someone to challenge you and have fun with.

Badminton is one of our profile subjects so you can choose it up to four times a week and work with some of the best coaches in Denmark to perfect your game but if you just want to have fun and combine it with other electives, you are also more than welcome to join - we guarantee a smashing time with the world's fastest game.

We participate in different tournaments for the most serious players and we are proud to have Erik Pedersen as our headcoach. Erik is a fulltime coach and has his own badminton academy where he works with some of the best players in Denmark - you can read more about it here (only in Danish, though). Erik used to play in the best league in Denmark and is still a part of the Danish +40 national team and thereby plays both national and international tournaments at the highest level.

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