Meeting government ministers, organising a local river clean-up project and writing to the United Nations about climate change, are just some of the activities learners are pursuing through the Cambridge IGCSE Global Perspectives course.

Gaining perspective on your world

Global Perspectives is a groundbreaking new course that is cross-curricular, stretching across traditional subject boundaries. It taps into the way learners of today enjoy learning, including group work, seminars, projects, and working with other learners around the world.

In today’s world of global challenges, extensive trans-border conflicts, increasing Intercultural encounters, and ever-changing dynamics, the ability to see the world from various perspectives, and thus comprehending it, becomes increasingly vital. However, the process of achieving comprehension is immensely complex; in part due to the endless flow of information, which is always extensive but rarely objective.

Think critically

During the Global Perspectives course, you will learn to see world events and challenges from various perspectives and think critically about the information you are given and acquire. The Global Perspectives course enables this by allowing you to grow intellectually through extensive independent research following thorough introductions to each topic and to the art of writing professional and well-argued reports as well as extensive and constant guidance during the course.

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