EVS Volunteers

European Volunteers

The International – Academy and Boarding School of Denmark staff and students will be joined by European Volunteers through the Erasmus+ scheme EVS (European Voluntary Service). Learn more about our volunteers...


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Meet the volunteers

From August 2018 we will be joined by three young volunteers from Italy, Russia, and the Ukraine. These volunteers will help our students both inside and outside of the classroom. They will be present on evening and weekend duties. Furthermore, they will act as language assistants, guest teachers and guides. Most of all, they will help to ensure and maintain the international experience at our efterskole. 

Below: learn about our previous EVS volunteer' experiences in their project video.


My name is Angela Di Berardo, I'm 29 years old and I live in Italy in a town called Teramo located in the central part of the Italian peninsula. During my Accademic Internship, as a Psychologist I worked with children and adolescents in a rehabilitation center for specific language disorders and ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). It was a beautiful experience getting in touch with those kids and helping them to find and improve their talents.

I love doing many things: when I can I play handball (I'm a goalkeeper); in my free time I dedicate myself to photography and during winter I love going to the cinema. I like to describe myself as a reliable person, who loves to play in a team group and listen what others have to say.

I would like to work in the education sector as a teacher, a tutor, a coach or a counselor and that's why I decided to join this specific project.


Hello! My name is Stanislav, but all my close friends call me Stas. I am from Ukraine - the homeland of prominent boxers of the Klitschko brothers and the owner of the Golden Ball of 2004, Andrey Shevchenko.

I am fond of Latin American dance, football, volleyball, swimming and gym. I love high-quality instrumental music, incredible photos of nature and interesting and sincere people who seek self-perfection and never stand still. I also have a great passion for traveling, extreme entertainment such as roller coasters, climbing, rope jumping and jumping with parachute.

As for my experience, I have repeatedly participated in youth exchanges and projects from Erasmus + and other organizations, was a volunteer at the Eurovision in 2017 and other grand events. I repeatedly worked in summer camps as a camp counselor and lifeguard.
My motivation to participate in this EVS project is uniqueness The International. It is a constant educational contact between students, faculty and volunteers, which in my opinion is an extremely productive approach to learning. Also, for me it's an opportunity to enrich the new knowledge, skills and discover the culture of the Scandinavian country and share my experience with students.


Hello. My name is Tatiana (28). I belong to Buryat ethnic group that descended from Mongol people. Historically Buryats inhabit the Lake Baikal Region. Now I am living and working in Olkhon Island in Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia. I am working as guide-interpreter with foreign tourists, so they can fall in love with place where I live. Also I like teaching and learning of foreign languages. Thanks to my linguistic education I can speak fluently Japanese, Korean and English, now I am learning French and Spanish, Russian is my mother-tongue.

I have previous working experience with children of different ages. In Vietnam I was teaching English in private school for kids (5-10 years old). Also during my staying in Vietnam I was teaching English as volunteer for students (16-20 years old) in Tuy Hoa Industrial College. 

Now I am teaching Japanese, Russian and English on an individual base for some pupils from secondary school in Olkhon island. Also I am teaching pupils from elementary school.  

I would consider myself as smart, friendly and kind person and I feel myself comfortable in multicultural environment that's why I can propose different cultural activities for young people such as teaching languages, handicraft lessons, cooking classes, Japanese calligraphy lessons, making Origami lessons, Asian culture’s assimilation and introduction to Russian culture, etc. I am creative and I like design, handmade, décor, ceramics and drawing.