About us

About The International

The International is an international English speaking department of Vedersø Idrætsefterskole which has its own teaching and academic environment with independent student accommodation and central building. The school offers teaching at a high academic level in preparing students for gymnasium/sixth-form college.

An international efterskole with high academic standards

At The International, through our forward thinking and innovative approach, we are setting the bar within the international efterskole domain, as Denmark's first 100% English speaking efterskole.   

Our goal is to educate young people to prepare them for their future in the global workplace, where a high level of technical and linguistic skills will be paramount, by developing their intercultural and international competences. 

A Danish efterskole with an international outlook

As an efterskole, we will remain true to the values and principles of this Danish educational institution, which many Danish generations have invested in.  We will not compromise on the values and knowhow, which have proven results in preparing young people for life’s many challenges.

Our aim is to take the best from both worlds and build upon the Danish efterskole tradition and bring that solid foundation with us into an international learning environment where both academic and personal development are in focus.